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ceu seminars and treatment discounts

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 by

This last weekend we had a small group of lmt’s that attended the Shiatsu I – The  Foundation seminar at the Cypress Wellness Spa in Tampa. One advantage to attending seminars during the non-renewal years (for Fl. lmt’s), is that there tends to be smaller classes and thus a little extra attention by the teacher.

For those who have already attended the Shiatsu I seminar, we have the next seminar in the series, Shiatsu II – treatment for neck and shoulder girdle pain, being held this coming weekend, Oct 27/28,  also at the Cypress Wellness Spa in Tampa. This seminar will review the main points covered in Shiatsu I, and then discuss:

  • 5 Element Theory, including its correspondences and how they relate to each other. This is useful to help evaluate which organ/meridian systems may be out of balance or diseased.
  • how Shiatsu (and acupuncture) is proportionately based, and to be able to demonstrate how to use a measuring system to more accurately locate specific points or tsubos on the meridian pathways
  • how to determine the meridians associated with neck and shoulder girdle pain
  • how to locate key points on the meridians that are often associated with neck and shoulder girdle pain
  • how to develop and implement a treatment strategy or protocol to treat neck and shoulder girdle pain.
  • what the Three Treasures are, and their relation to our health
  • what Essence is, its functions, and how it relates to our development

As a reminder to everyone who has attended one of my ceu seminars over the last 17 years, you are eligible for a 25% discount off of any treatment fee, for any modality that I offer. This offer is an attempt to thank the many therapists and nurses who have taken my seminars and is valid until the end of 2012 and is limited to cash or check payments.

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