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New Year/New Goals

January 6th, 2013 by

As we begin a new year, many people begin to implement their New Years’ Resolutions. These are often focused around changing behaviors that may be an impediment to one’s long term goals. Sometimes we try to initiate new actions or activities, such as new diets or exercise routines, in an effort to get our body into a better state of health. Whether we are trying to stop doing things that not good for us, or trying to start doing things that are beneficial to us, we can improve our chances of success by getting help. One way we can do this is to partner up with a friend who has similar goals. For example, it is much easier to stick to a new exercise routine if you have someone who is willing to sweat along side of you, or perhaps more importantly, someone who is willing to drag you off of the couch and to the gym, when your willpower starts to wane.

For those of us who have chosen the healing professions such as nursing or massage therapy, we can make use of certain modalities that we often use to help our patients or clients, to assist us in our new(?) health goals. There are upcoming seminars in flexibility training, Reiki, and Shiatsu that I will be offering this year, that can not only offer assistance to enhance the health of our body, mind, and spirit, but also will fulfill our continuing education requirements for license renewal. The fact that we can write off the cost of these courses on our taxes, just gives us extra incentive. Any form of physical exercise can be more safely and comfortably performed if we effectively stretch before and after our exercise to help minimize soreness and injuries while enhancing performance. If we wish to help the body to run more efficiently so that we maintain our optimal weight, or that we get a better nights’ sleep, or so we lower our anxiety or stress levels to name a few examples, we may wish to employ Shiatsu, a form of acupressure based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Perhaps one of our resolutions is to find a way to provide our patients and clients with a powerful, yet gentle form of therapy that is much less difficult and stressful on the therapists’ body than traditional bodywork. If that’s the case, then Reiki is a great option. Reiki is a form of energy healing that focuses on balancing and opening up of the major centers of energy known as Chakras. These are vortexes of energy that are located near and strongly affect the endocrine glands of the body. The effects can be felt in the body and mind, and it can help to resolve deep seated emotional issues.

If you wish to find out more about these modalities, please go to:
The next upcoming seminar is Reiki I, scheduled for Jan. 12/13,.   Attending seminars early in the year, gives one the advantage of a smaller class size.
For the most up to date listing of seminars offered, please go to:

All seminars can be attended by nurses and massage therapists for continuing education, and by the general public to assist themselves in their own health goals. If you are interested, please give me a call at 727 823-9000 so we can arrange for you and possibly your friend to attend an upcoming seminar.
Florida Board of Nursing – CE Broker Number: 50-10126
Florida Board of Massage – CE Broker Number: 50-10126
NCBTMB – Continuing Education Provider Number:  312997

The Healing Power of Shiatsu, and Raising of Our Consciousness

December 10th, 2012 by

The Healing Power of Shiatsu, and Raising of Our Consciousness

Today I’d like to talk about two topics that may appear distinctly different, and yet they do relate to each other. One has to do with the upcoming Shiatsu I – The Foundation seminar this weekend. The other has to do with another Mayan Prophesy that is imminent, and yet is getting no press.

Let’s start with the Mayan Prophesy. The Mayans said that starting on 12-12-12, mankind would enter and begin a New Era of Heightened Consciousness. This may not make for as exciting a blockbuster movie as the various ‘end of the world’ scenarios that have been played out by Hollywood and numerous cable outlets. But a creative writer and a skilled director could tap a huge market if they were willing to take a chance.

The prospect of the whole population of the world collectively raising our consciousness above the concept of ‘us versus them’, to realizing that there is a far greater Unity of all life, than was ever realized by most, is very exciting.

However it is not at all surprising to me that this idea or the Mayan prophesy relating to a rising up of our consciousness is not broadcast or promoted in any way. The last thing that the current owners of the military/industrial/pharmaceutical/theocratic/security complex would ever want is a peaceful, self-sufficient, healthy, aware, and enlightened population.

Those of you who have taken my Shiatsu or Reiki courses know that we have pathways of energy that connect to every part of the body, and vortexes of energy along the central core of the body. By facilitating the smooth flow of energy through these pathways and vortexes, the therapist can help to reduce their clients’ physical and emotional pain, and improve function of the internal organs and endocrine glands   What is not often realized is that these forms of therapy can also affect the brain and the mind, leading to clarity of thought, improved focus, and better memory. Some people experience an increase in spiritual awareness or insight

Some of you are more inclined to focus on the physical body. The body is the foundation and root from which the energy body and spirit can safely grow and develop. When the body is out of balance and in pain, it is hard to focus the mind or spirit on anything else. A recent experience of mine reminded me again how powerful these therapies can be. A couple of weekends ago, I was on a lunch break from teaching my Reiki I class. As I was talking to one of my students, she related to me that she had been experiencing daily headaches. The first question that popped into my head was, what part of her head did she feel the pain? As she waved her right hand from her occiput to her forehead, I said: “Oh, that’s Gallbladder”. I explained that she had traced over part of the Gall Bladders’ energetic pathway, and that that did not necessarily mean that there was anything wrong with her Gall Bladder. Being a helpful sort, like most of us attracted to the healing fields, I offered to try a little Shiatsu on her to see if I could relieve her pain. I focused on the first half of the meridian along the head and neck on the affected side. After a little more than 10 minutes, I concluded the session, because our lunch break was nearly over. Miss W. said her headache was gone. A few days after the seminars’ conclusion, I received a Facebook message from her letting me know that the headaches had still not returned. The reason for telling you this story is not to brag about how good I am. It’s to let you know that Shiatsu is such a powerful healing method, that even though I have practiced it since I took it as my 100 hour specialty back in massage school, 25 some years ago, I am still periodically surprised at how effective it really is. And one clear advantage that Shiatsu has over my acupuncture practice – no one is afraid of my finger!

If you would like to take the foundation class in Shiatsu, I am teaching it this coming weekend (Dec. 15/16). Please contact me at 727 823-9000 for more details. You can learn more about Shiatsu I – The Foundation by going to:  http://handsforhealing.com/course-descriptions-2/

Congratulations on your expanding consciousness!!!

“End of the World” CEU Special

November 12th, 2012 by

Greetings how are my fellow Apocalyptoneers?

 What I’m referring to of course is, that according to the Mayan Calendar, this current age or cycle ends and the new one begins on Dec. 21, 2012. There is considerable debate as to what this portends for the world. Some say that there will be major Earth changes, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and even a pole shift. Others contend that this new cycle will usher in a period of an evolving of our species, that includes changes in our DNA structure. And yet others point out that changes in the frequencies and intensities of the energy reaching our planet will have a profound effect on our consciousness and spiritual awareness. Whatever occurs (or doesn’t), we all have the distinguished  honor to be alive at such an auspicious time.

 If you take the outlook that there are changes occurring in the energy matrix of the planet and in our own bodies, then this might be the perfect time to take a seminar that focuses on learning about the subtle energy body and the various pathways and centers where Qi or Prana flow. The study of Shiatsu or Reiki are not an intellectual exercise only, but rather they are wholistic, effective tools to help us, and those we help, to regain and maintain homeostasis and good health.

 If you take the outlook that the Mayan Prophesy means Armageddon and chaos in the streets, then this might be the perfect time to take a flexibility course where you could learn how to effectively stretch out your hamstrings. That way, when hear the zombies at your door, you can not only sprint away to safety at an impressive speed, but if cornered, you can head kick the tallest of the undead without fear of “pulling a hamie”.

 If you ask me, I think that you can safely plan for a lunch date for Dec. 22nd without any concern. Breakfast might be pushing it though, if you were out late the night before celebrating the “end”. 

To celebrate this unique Winter Solstice, I am offering the following:

“End of the World” CEU Special

Everyone who attends one of the remaining continuing education seminars that I’m offering in 2012, will be eligible to receive a 50% discount off my normal treatment fee for any modality that I offer. This offer is valid until the end of 2012.

These modalities include: acupuncture, massage therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and assisted AI stretching.

 If you’re like many therapists, you do not receive as much therapy as you recommend that your clients receive. If so, change that tendency and call and schedule a treatment for yourself.  

To view the current 2012 Seminar schedule, please go to:

Treatment discount offer:

I have recently offered a treatment discount to all lmt’s and nurses who
have attended any of my ce seminars as a way of saying thanks.

 This discount is 25% off the normal treatment fees for any modality that I offer. This discount offer, like the “End of the World” CEU Special, is good through the end of 2012.

The modalities that you may choose from include: acupuncture, massage therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and assisted AI stretching.

In these times of stress and change, give your body, mind, and spirit a little assist by getting a much needed tune-up.

 My current fee for acupuncture is: $60.00. With a 25% discount that is reduced to $45.00.

My current fee for all of the other treatments that I offer (massage therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and AIS assisted stretching) is: $65.00. With a 25% discount that is reduced to: $48.75. This discount is limited to cash or check payments.

ceu seminars and treatment discounts

October 23rd, 2012 by

This last weekend we had a small group of lmt’s that attended the Shiatsu I – The  Foundation seminar at the Cypress Wellness Spa in Tampa. One advantage to attending seminars during the non-renewal years (for Fl. lmt’s), is that there tends to be smaller classes and thus a little extra attention by the teacher.

For those who have already attended the Shiatsu I seminar, we have the next seminar in the series, Shiatsu II – treatment for neck and shoulder girdle pain, being held this coming weekend, Oct 27/28,  also at the Cypress Wellness Spa in Tampa. This seminar will review the main points covered in Shiatsu I, and then discuss:

  • 5 Element Theory, including its correspondences and how they relate to each other. This is useful to help evaluate which organ/meridian systems may be out of balance or diseased.
  • how Shiatsu (and acupuncture) is proportionately based, and to be able to demonstrate how to use a measuring system to more accurately locate specific points or tsubos on the meridian pathways
  • how to determine the meridians associated with neck and shoulder girdle pain
  • how to locate key points on the meridians that are often associated with neck and shoulder girdle pain
  • how to develop and implement a treatment strategy or protocol to treat neck and shoulder girdle pain.
  • what the Three Treasures are, and their relation to our health
  • what Essence is, its functions, and how it relates to our development

As a reminder to everyone who has attended one of my ceu seminars over the last 17 years, you are eligible for a 25% discount off of any treatment fee, for any modality that I offer. This offer is an attempt to thank the many therapists and nurses who have taken my seminars and is valid until the end of 2012 and is limited to cash or check payments.

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